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School Discipline

The pupils of Bishan Park Secondary School are expected demonstrate a positive attitude towards work and behaviour. The school rules and regulations below are delineated to enable all pupils to develop self-discipline and become a socially responsible person.

  • General Information
    1. The School Discipline Committee oversees and manages the school disciplinary system. It comprises the Principal, Vice-Principal, Discipline Master, Operation Managers (OMs) and members of the Discipline Committee.
    2. All teachers play an important part in maintaining the school discipline.
    3. All teachers will manage minor offences, including misbehaviour under the categories of Appearance, Attendance and Attitude. The offences and action taken will be recorded in the Class Discipline File and individual pupil dossiers.
    4. A minor offence that persists may become a serious offence. All serious offences are referred to the Discipline Committee through the subject or form teachers.
    5. The Discipline Committee can decide on the appropriate form of punishment to be meted out.
    6. For serious misbehaviour that persists despite the various corrective actions taken, punishment of suspension, and/or caning will be administered.
    7. All BPSians must respect the authority of School Councillors, Class Committees and CCA leaders as they assist the school in maintaining order and discipline.

  • Appearance
  1. Attire & Footwear
    1. Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
    2. Hemlines of skirts must be at the top of the kneecap in the front and at the same level at the back.
    3. Pupils must ensure that the sleeves on their shirt / blouse are not folded up.
    4. Pupils are to wear white/black coloured school shoes (i.e. shoes with a proper back, laces/Velcro). These shoes are NOT to be ‘highcut’ basketball shoes or slip-on shoes.
    5. Single coloured socks up to the ankle must be worn at all times.
    6. Slippers and sandals are not allowed unless on medical grounds. In such cases, pupils must submit a medical certificate/letter from parents/guradian to their Form Teacher for approval.

    7. For Girls For Boys
      - Long hair should be tied up. - Hair must be short.
      - Fringe should be neatly pinned up. - Hair must not touch the collar or cover the ears.
      - Only black hair accessories are to be used. - No tapered, tight or baggy pants are allowed.
      - Skirt must touch the top of the knee cap.  

  2. PE Attire & CCA/House/Class T-Shirt 
    1. PE uniform which is PE T-shirts and PE shorts are to be worn only for PE lessons. 
    2. Half-uniform of CCA/PE T-shirt + school pants/skirt is to be worn only for participation in the respective CCAs. 
    3. Half-uniform of Class T-shirts + school pants/skirts are to be worn only for selected school events. 
    4. Class T-shirt design is to be approved by FT and endorsed by DM. 
      1. (Pupils who do not conform to the code of conduct with regard to the school uniform may be made to purchase new ones and asked to surrender their unacceptable uniform.) 

  3. Grooming 
    1. Dyeing of the hair is NOT allowed. 
      1. (Pupils found with tinted or dye hair will not be allowed to attend lessons and participate in school activities. Parents/guardians will be asked to take them home to re-dye their hair.) 
    2. For boys, hairstyle is to be kept short and neat and of uniform length. It must not touch the eyebrows, the ears and the collar of the full school uniform. 
      1. (Male pupils who do not conform to the code of conduct with regards to hairstyle may have their hair cut by a barber appointed by the school.) 
    3. Male pupils must be neat in appearance, clean-shaven and no facial hair is allowed. 
    4. Girls with hair that touch the shoulder must tie up their hair neatly using black hair clips or ribbons that do not draw attention to themselves. No shoulder-length hair is to be left untied. 
    5. Fingernails are to be kept short and clean, without nail polish/henna dye. 
    6. Pupils are not allowed to wear make-up, jewellery or fashion accessories. 
    7. Girls, however, may wear ONE pair of small, plain ear-studs on the ear-lobes. These ear-studs must not draw attention to themselves. 
    8. Ear-sticks are not allowed. 
    9. Tongue studs are NOT allowed 
    10. Tattoos and henna drawings are NOT allowed. 
    11. Pupils are not to wear coloured contact lenses or spectacles with frames that draw attention to themselves. 

  • Attendance 
  1. Punctuality 
    1. All BPSians must be seated at the assembly area by 7.20 am (on Tuesdays to Fridays) and 8.10 am (on Mondays). The morning flag raising ceremony will commence punctually at 7.30 am (on Tuesdays to Fridays) and at 8.20 am (on Mondays). 
    2. Latecomers have to report to school staff on duty at the main gate to obtain a ‘Latecomer slip’. Pupils will not be allowed to enter the class without the ‘Latecomer slip’. 
    3. Latecomers will be punished accordingly, and punishment may affect the conduct grade. 

  2. Absenteeism 
    1. Pupils must produce Medical Certificates (MC)/letters from parent/guardian if they are absent from school. This should be done immediately upon returning to school during flag raising, failing which the pupil would be deemed to have been truant. 
    2. For important appointments, e.g. medical appointments, parents/guardians are to submit formal requests for absence from school to the form-teacher. 
    3. International pupils are not allowed to leave the country without first seeking the written approval of the Principal. 

  3. Truancy/Skipping classes 
    1. A pupil commits truancy if he is absent from school without valid reasons or if he leaves the school grounds without seeking permission from the school authorities. 
    2. A pupil is also considered truant if he/she absents himself from any lesson listed in the official time table, absent from CCA without valid reasons or absent from structured remedial classes. 
    3. No pupil may absent himself/herself from classes until official permission has been given by school authorities to drop the subject. 

  4. Permission to leave school 
    1. Pupils are not allowed to leave the school grounds during school hours, including recess and lunch break, without permission. 
    2. Pupils who need to leave the school during school hours must seek permission from his form-teacher. He must then proceed to see the Discipline Master (DM)/Operation Managers (OMs)/VP/P for approval. Once approval is given, his/her parents/guardians will be notified. Pupils can then leave school once their parents/guardians are notified. 

  5. Permission to leave classroom 
    1. Pupils are to seek permission from the teacher if there is a need to leave the class. 
    2. A Movement Pass will be issued by the teacher and the pupil must display the pass visibly. 
    3. A pupil will be allowed to leave the class only for urgent and/or official reasons. 

  6. Marking of attendance for lessons 
    1. The attendance of the class will be updated every change of period in the Class Diary by the subject teacher. Pupils found to be skipping lessons will be punished. 

  • Attitude/ Conduct 
    1. BPSians are to be courteous and respectful at all times, whether in school or in public. 
    2. Pupils can direct their feedback, disagreement, or complaints to the school through their teachers, through the Suggestion Box located inside the General Office or through the school pupil councillors. 

  1. National Anthem & Pledge 
    1. Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Pupils will take the Pledge with the right fist over the heart. 
    2. Foreign pupils should also stand at attention to respect the solemnity of the ceremony. 
    3. All pupils must stand at attention (regardless of where they are) when they hear the National Anthem being played. 

  2. In the Classroom 
    1. BPSians are to be responsible for their own learning. They must follow the class rules and expectations set by their teachers 
    2. They are to bring textbooks, workbooks and other materials relevant for lessons and participate actively in lessons. 
    3. Pupils are to respect teachers, classmates and schoolmates. 
    4. Assignments must be completed by the specified deadline. 
    5. Usage of listening devices such as MP3 players, iPod, etc. are not allowed. 
    6. Classrooms must be clean, neat and tidy at all times. 
    7. Maintenance of classroom cleanliness is the responsibility of every BPSian. 
    8. Consumption of food or drinks is not allowed in the classrooms. 
    9. Pupils are not allowed to remain in classrooms or loiter outside classroom corridors during recess unless supervised by teacher. 

  3. School Books and Belongings 
    1. Pupils are encouraged not to bring valuable items to school, e.g. electronic games etc and should not leave them unattended at all times. 
    2. Pupils are to be responsible for their own personal belongings, i.e. wallets, watches, handphones, pagers, listening devices, schoolbags etc. 
      1. (Pupils are reminded that they are bringing valuables at their own risk. While the school will assist in the search for lost valuables, the school cannot guarantee the successful return of these valuables. The school is not responsible or liable in any way in cases of theft/loss of valuables.) 
  4. In The Canteen 
    1. All pupils must keep the canteen clean and free of litter. 
    2. BPSians are not allowed to buy or consume food or drink items except during recess or when the school is not in session.      
    3. BPSians are to queue for food, drinks or other services. 
    4. Food and drinks must be consumed in the canteen. 
    5. Pupils are not allowed to take food and drinks out of the canteen. Pupils may only consume plain water in class and other areas of the school. 
    6. BPSians are to arrange the tables and benches in their proper order after use. All eating utensils must be returned to the appropriate receptacles after use. 

  5. Making Phone Calls 
    1. Pupils are not allowed to use their handphones in school from 0730hrs until the end of the school day. They are however allowed to use their handphones during recess in the canteen. Pupils must switch off their handphones during curriculum hours at all times. 
    2. Pupils caught flouting these rules will have their handphones CONFISCATED from them on the spot, and will only retrieve them with their parents. 
      1. (Pupils are reminded that they are bringing handphones at their own risk. While the school will assist in the search for lost handphones, the school cannot guarantee the successful return of the handphones. The school is not responsible or liable in any way in cases of theft/loss of handphones and/or handphone-related peripherals. Pupils are encouraged to use the public telephones available in school. In case of an emergency, they may seek permission to use the telephone in the General Office) 
  • Aggression 
    1. All conflicts should be resolved amicably, with the help of teachers, without resorting to violence. 
    2. BPSians must not use vulgarities in any form. 
    3. It is the responsibility of every BPSian to report any fight immediately so that the safety of pupils is not compromised. 
    4. Defiance of authority, gangsterism, bullying, possession of weapons, rioting, fighting, assault, and all other aggressive behaviour will be severely dealt with. 

  • Anti-Social Behaviour 
    1. All pupils are to abide by the laws governing Singapore. Pupils found violating these will face the fines, punishment and even criminal records imposed by the authorities, in addition to whatever appropriate punishment that the school will meted out. 
    2. Littering and spitting, vandalism of school property, stealing, cheating, forgery of signatures, extortion of money, gambling, smoking, possession of cigarettes and/or smoking peripherals, inhalant abuse, possession of drugs, possession of pornographic materials and the deliberate visiting of pornographic websites are examples of serious offences punishable by law. 
    3. All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon - like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.